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No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer



To choose the book, I sorted my kindle by recent. I then went to the random number generator, and picked a number between 1 & 71 (the number of pages of books on my kindle), and then, after selecting a page, I picked a number between 1 & 7 (the number of books per page). I ended up with No Wind of Blame

Page 56:

"Of course there hasn't been an accident!" Said Steel testily.

"Oh no, of course there hasn't!" said Wally, "I've only had a couple of barrels fired at me."

"If a man's fool enough to move from his stand, he's asking to be shot!" said Steel.

Obviously, a murder mystery. Also, the conversation reminds me of Dick Cheney hunting jokes. It's like Georgette Heyer was prescient. 


***This idea for the Friday56 post came from my friend Sockpoppet***