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Longbourn - Jo Baker

I am liking Longbourn - but not loving it. I think that Baker's take on the Bennett family is really interesting, and she is definitely approaching it from a new angle that I haven't seen before. I find this absolutely fascinating - we are so accustomed to thinking of the Bennetts as impoverished gentry, that seeing it from the perspective of the truly impoverished servant is fascinating! They are so comfortable and well-off, and the girls so well-dressed and accomplished from the perspective of the servant. It's another way of looking at that veneer of prosperity/superiority that was so critical to the maintenance of the aristocracy in Elizabethan/Regency society.


I also really like the way that she has taken the time to individualize the sisters. Seeing their personality traits as identified by Austen viewed from the outside by a servant is really interesting. The behind the scenes romantic travails of Jane & Bingley (in modern parlance of conflating the names of a couple into one name (Bennifer, etc), can we call them Jingley?) are occurring off-scene, but, because I have read P&P about 25 times, I can tell by the off-hand remarks of Sarah EXACTLY where we are in the timeline.


The food sounds disgusting. Also, laundry was a freaking bitch!