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Christmas Giveaway!

A Pussycat's Christmas - Margaret Wise Brown, Anne Mortimer

This giveaway is on a super short time frame because I want the winner to get the book before Christmas. I'll be mailing it out on 12/16.


I have collected Christmas books for years. This book has gorgeous illustrations, and the little black and white kitty that is the main "character" is adorable. I read this book aloud to my lovely daughter (who is turning 18 in June) for a full decade - it is one of our favorites!


Margaret Wise Brown wrote the classic children's story Good Night Moon. This book has the same rhythmic language, and is a delight to read aloud.


Enter to win here: http://booklikes.com/giveaways/show/232/a-pussycat-s-christmas-margaret-wise-brown


Happy Holidays!