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[Reblog from Ridley] Keta Diablo has a Twitter meltdown

Where the Rain is Made - Keta Diablo

Author Keta Diablo had a Twitter meltdown today where she vociferously denounced the Book Smugglers as "cyber bullies" over this DNF review from three years ago. Screenshots are below:



[Text of the screenshots above:

ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers I repeat. I do NOT support STGB. I don't know them. My tweets & opinions R my own. U engage in cyber bullying. plain & simple
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers Honest discussions R welcome. Running away is COWARDLY. Aren't U prepared 2 defend your "anonymous' reviewer? Guess not..
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers oh, yeah I have the right web site. I'm not engaging in cyber war w/ you if that's your intent. It's childish. U can email me
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers Email if U want 2 know why I point 2 your site as top cyber bully. I stand behind tweet Do U stand behind your trash reviews?
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers I am totally against cyber bullying in any form. How did your site make the top list of bullies if you don't engage in it??
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers I don't ally myself w/ STGB I ally myself with facts from my own experience w your site. Your reviews smack of insincerity
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 1h
@booksmugglers My 1 review with your blog determined my stance on bullying. Your review was bogus, anonymous & totally contrary 2 all others
ketadiablo ‏@ketadiablo 12h
@dearauthor @booksmugglers TOP list of "cyber bullies" Stop Goodreads bullies http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/ New laws enforced on cyber bullying]



A note from Moonlight Reader:



Full moon tonight. Correlation or causation?



Source: http://ridley.booklikes.com/post/637120/on-the-brat-list-keta-diablo