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Charade - Nyrae Dawn What I liked: the book was well-written. It is a stand-alone, completed story, without sequel or cliff-hanger ending. The characters are, overall, likeable and reasonably believable. The love story was convincing.

What I didn't really like: the "tatted up bad-boy unwillingly falls in love with a princess" story line is so well-trod at this point that it is simply trite. One thing that really drives me crazy with these books is that tattoos are expensive, and yet we have our H, Colt, dealing drugs only as a means to pay for meds for his dying mother. It doesn't make sense to me that he would, reasonably, have spent potentially thousands of dollars on tats for himself. In addition, Gregory, the ex-BF villain was a cardboard cut-out. Cheyenne's background also didn't make sense to me - on the one hand, her mother is a broke, loser, addict, party-girl, on the other hand she comes from money? I felt like she would have been more convincing without the whole "boyfriend for hire" device. I did like the character of the mother.

I'm also not sure that all of these books need to use the "broken" person story line. There is enough angst in just growing up that I don't think authors need to throw in cancer-moms, and sex abuse, and other major dramatic devices into every single story.

However, for a self-published NA - the quality of which seems to generally not be very high - this one was enjoyable and well-written.