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Moonlight Reader's 30 Day Challenge: Day 11

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Wuthering Heights Publisher: Barnes & Noble Classics - Emily Bronte The Twilight Saga Collection - Stephenie Meyer The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

Day 11: A book I hated:


Well, this is a fun question. Seriously, there are so many poorly written romance/ dystopian/new adult/young adult/love triangle pieces of nonsense that have been published since Stephanie Meyer broke publishing that it is hard to choose just one. An Honorable Mention goes to The Edge of Never, which is one of the worst books, with one of the most unlikeable protagonists, that I have ever read.


So, just accept that I hate books that are trite, poorly-written, slut-shamey, damned-love-triangle, good-girl-reforms-hot-bad-boy and let's leave that at that and talk about something that is actually interesting.


I hated The Great Gatsby. Oh, yes, I recognize that Fitzgerald is brilliant, and if pushed, I would rate the damned thing five stars because it is beautifully written. But every single person in it is a miserable, shallow, materialistic loser. Hate.


Also, I barely remember reading it, but I also remember that I hated Wuthering Heights. I wanted sociopathic Heathcliff and annoying Cathy to shut. the. fuck. up. I am planning on rereading this one, so I wonder if it won't improve with a reacquaintance. Since I'm not sure how much of my hatred is based on the book, versus the really annoying Kate Bush song.