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Moonlight Reader's 30 Day Challenge: Day 09

Outlander  - Diana Gabaldon

09: A book I thought I would hate, but ended up loving.


This is a hard one because I generally don't read books that I think I am going to hate. However, there are a lot of books that get a lot of hype that I go into expecting to be disappointed. And, often, they do in fact fail to live up to those overhyped expectations. Every once in a while, though, I get surprised in a big way.


Like Outlander. I refused to read Outlander for the first ten years it was in print. I picked it up as a kindle freebie, and it still took me two years to read it (in fact, I almost passed it up even for free). Time travel + romance = "I am not going to like this book." I finally decided to read it just so that I could mock it.


I loved it. It was absorbing, compelling, immersive. I fell into that book, and crawled back out six hours later feeling like someone had wrung out my soul like a sponge. Holy crap.