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Silver by Tala Vance: Master Post

Silver - Talia Vance

So, I did finish this one. Wow. What a terrible, terrible book. Imagine taking every single available YA trope - gorgeous character overlooked by men; powers yet to be revealed, random mythology (in this case Celtic) reworked in a hackneyed and trite way, damned love triangle with two beautiful, powerful men vying for the affections of the newly gorgeous MC. One of whom is apparently a god? Add to it some kilts, some jeweled swords, and the MC's nascent ability to shoot blue fire from her hands. Also, a magical breeding program.


Throw it in a blender. Give it the trope-fest whirl.


Voila. You have this book.


On the bright side, it is reasonably well-written and edited, and the cover is pretty. It's just that the story sucks. Read at your own risk.


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100% - Done. Review forthcoming. I need to go read something good to replenish the IQ points lost from reading this one. Perhaps something by Shirley Jackson.


60% - You know how sometimes books are so bad that they are good? Like old 1980's bodice-ripper romances sometimes are, or stuff you read in your childhood that you try to reread as an adult and you're all like "wow, how could I ever have thought that was anything other than terrible" but it's so bad, that it's actually like camp. Like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or something.


That is not this book.


This book is so bad that it's just ... bad. It is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with YA publishing right now. It is boring. It is derivative. It is boring and derivative. Also, there may or may not be kilts, which could be OK in an ironic way, but it's totes not ironic. And the MC is one of those gorgeous, yet unnoticed girls, with powers that she doesn't know how to wield, who has never been told the truth about her awesomeness.


I should DNF, but at this point, in for a penny, in for a painful, pounding headache of suck.


50% -This book is terrible. Just terrible. The character development SUCKS.