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The Master Post Theory

At this point, there really isn't way to post status on books like we had on Goodreads. In an effort to find a decent work around, I came up with the "master post" theory of posting book updates (which, btw, has nothing to do with the current BDSM romance trend), which I'll share here. Also, I suck at screen caps, so we're going to have to make do with actual words.



1. Create a new post, which you will link to the book you are going to be updating. (If you scroll down my blog, you can see an example on my tCoMC post)


2. When it is time to add an update, open the post for editing. Add the new update at the top of the post, so the updates will be in reverse chronological order on the post (most recent @ the top). Yes, this means you need to find it on your blog post listing. Yes, this can be a pain in the ass, especially if you do a lot of reblogging.


3. Before saving, go to the right hand section of your post and change the post date. If you leave the post date as is, the update will remain at it's spot on the dashboard, and no one will know that you have updated the post. Click on the box and a calendar will open. Click on the appropriate date, which will open a new little dial thingy and select a time that is slightly in the future from the time you are posting.


4. In order to achieve this, you need to know what time it is on Booklikes time. My real time is one hour behind BL time - if it's 1:15 where I am, I need to set to post @ 2:15. Also, this is 24-hour clock - so 2:15 is 14:15. For the math challenged among us (raises hand) this is embarassingly difficult. This is me, admitting that you are not alone.


5. If you want to get really fancy, you can add a page break after you post your second update, and then move the old stuff to a second page so the post doesn't get irritatingly long and make all of your friends dashboards look like they are an homage to your thoughts about TCoMC. Or whatever.


6. The big side-benefit to the master post theory of book updates is that you get to keep all of your comments - so if you're reading along with someone else and a conversation develops, it doesn't get lost in a dozen different update posts.


Anyway, I hope that this is helpful.