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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

It's, it's a DNF. It's, it's a DNF. (You should be chanting this to the same general rhythm as "it's, it's a ballroom blitz.")


So, it's a DNF and it's not a DNF.


In my family, one of the things we do is listen to audiobooks as a group. This has a long history in road trips, camping, and other events that were by necessity (and by design - I am a devious mom) basically-screen-free and therefore needed the introduction of story. Also, as I mention pretty much every time it is relevant, my son & I are in a reading streak where we have either read aloud or listened to an audiobook every night since October 1, 2011. Our goal is 1001 nights.


So, after finishing Brandon Mull's Beyonders series (which we loved), we decided that some ultra-violent-alien-invasion-action would be just the thing. Imagine our surprise when what we got instead were the internal musings of a bad ass, but overly self-referential and mildly annoying, sixteen year old girl.


So, my husband really didn't like this book. He thought it was boring. And then we got to a more than a little bit of awkward kissing and teenagers falling asleep in the same bed, and we decided that we needed to move on. If my husband were writing this review, he'd give it one star. But this is my booklikes blog, not his, so if he wants to one-star it, he can just start his own!


Because, I kind of liked the book. So I am finishing up with the kindle version. And will be back later to fill you in on my ultimate rating and review of the whole book.


Some books are just not well-suited to audiobook format - for us, this book was one of them.