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The view from my office


I'm working from home three days a week at this point, and going into the office two. As many of you know, I'm a criminal prosecutor, so our work continues - and is considered essential - in spite of the pandemic. Our court system has implemented a number of containment measures that have pushed out cases for defendants who are out of custody. The most dangerous defendants are still public safety risks, even (and maybe especially) right now, and we still have statutory deadlines that must be met.


And crime goes on, even with a pandemic.


I'm not complaining, though, because working from home is terrific. My commute is 30 seconds, and I'm sitting at my craft table, which has been repurposed as my home office for now, with full connectivity. I can work in sweats and slippers, and I'm catching up on stuff that I haven't had time to do for weeks! It's going to get ugly when all of this is lifted and we try to get everything back on track, so I need to be caught up because it will be all hands on deck.


So far my family is healthy, and I'm getting lots of reading done in the evenings. 


How are you all doing?