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Dead Water - Ann Cleeves


I decided to check out the next in the Shetland series from my library, and started it today. I love the bleak, windswept setting, as I sit under a handmde quilt in my quiet living room with a cup of tea and The Nutcracker playing on my bluetooth speakers. 


I am having a very relaxing weekend. In addition to reading, I've been doing some minor sewing - I have promised my daughter a pair of Christmas stockings for her and her new husband, as well as their cat, if all goes as planned, so I made a prototype to test out the pattern.



I really like the way it turned out, although there are some modifications that I will make to the final product, including adding a personalized, embroidered cuff in a complementary color to each stocking. I also plan to hand quilt it as opposed to the machine quilting on this one. I was just trying to get it done so I could test the pattern. I am glad I did, because it needs to be a bit wider - this one is a little on the narrow side for functionality.