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2020 Reading Plans: preliminary ideas

There will probably be a task related to this at some point during the 24 Festive Tasks game, but it's coming up to the end of the year, and this is the time that my mind starts turning to the burning issue of making reading plans for next year.


My plans boil down to basically a couple of new mottos:


Read My Own Damn Books






Read What I Want When I Want and Because I Want To Read It



At first blush, these two things might seem to be in conflict with one another. How can I read what I want if I'm only reading my own books? This isn't actually as complicated as it might seem, though - if there is something that I desperately want to read, I will either check it out of the library or I will buy it. While this is intended to be a way to buy fewer books, there is no chance that I will have a zero-book-purchase year. It's just not happening.


In service of the first motto:


At some point, I will likely put together a vast TBR list of focus books that I hope to read throughout the year. There will be lots of Golden Age Mysteries on this list, many Virago and Persephone titles, a few long, door-stopper style classics. I'd like to get to Zola next year, at least one of his books, and finish off at least one more Trollope. I have a number of Barbara Pym books, and some by Elizabeth Taylor as well. I have enough books to keep me busy for the rest of my life, frankly, but I'm not going to pretend like I won't be adding titles to my library.


Having said that, I would like to minimize new book purchases. My general plan is to set myself a monthly book budget, although I haven't quite decided the amount. I will focus on buyiing inexpensive kindle books, especially golden age mystery titles, and used paperbacks from Abe Books or my local used book resources.


And, in service of the second motto, well, the reality is that I probably won't be hosting any reading games over here in 2020, except Halloween Bingo (I will ALWAYS host Halloween bingo). I'm going to go where my fancy takes me this year. If that means blogging, I will blog. If that means overdosing on rereads of P.D. James mysteries that I get from the library, that's what it means. 


You never know. I may well get an itch for a summertime game of Booklikes-opoly, but for right now, I'm not making plans.


So, that's it for my 2020 plans, at least at this point. I will update on all of the ongoing projects before the end of the year. I'm not abandoning any of them at this point, and I'll make whatever progress I want to make, but I'm not scheduling anything . . .