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Dead Men Don't Ski - Patricia Moyes A Man Lay Dead - Ngaio Marsh

I think that everyone is aware of my love of used vintage paperbacks. I rounded out my Agatha Christie collection earlier this year, and now have a print copy of every single book she published. Not all of them are paperbacks, and not all of the paperbacks are vintage MMPB, but it's very satisfying to look at the shelf and see them all sitting there.


I haven't really been on a book buying kick recently, but decided that I wanted to collect a new series. After dithering a bit, I've decided to go with the Inspector Henry Tibbets series by Patricia Moyes, because I recently read one and enjoyed it, and the Roderick Alleyn series by Ngaio Marsh. I ordered the first two of each from Abe books today.


My edition of A Man Lay Dead is one of the old Fontana editions from the UK, so it will take a while to arrive, having to cross the pond to get to me.