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One of Us Is Lying - Karen  M. McManus

I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I expected! I came of age in the eighties, so I saw The Breakfast Club in the theater, and the set up for this book was really appealing to me. 


Each of the main characters is outwardly a teen archetype: bad boy Nate, star athlete Cooper, ivy-league bound brain Bronwyn, and homecoming princess Addy, but, as in life, there is so much more to each of them than their classmates know. I actually ended up really liking all of them. McManus did a great job making them multi-dimensional. And Addy was straight up bad ass, as it turned out, which was awesome.


The main issue I had with the book is that the murder victim, Simon, was such a rotten person that it was hard to feel any sympathy for him. In keeping with everyone else in the book, he had many other elements to his character swirling around, but none of them made him even remotely more likeable.


I had a couple of guesses for the whodunnit. My first one was wrong, but my second one was right.


I read this for Baker Street Irregulars, and given the amount of teen ninja investigation was happening in the book, it fit the square perfectly. I thought it was a lot of fun!