The Turn of the Key - Ruth Ware

I am actually listening to the audiobook because I've been chilling in my craftroom cross-stitching all weekend. I finished up The Moor, and have now moved onto this one.


My thoughts so far - 


This is the first thing that I've read by Ruth Ware. I've been interested by some of her books, but I was able to borrow this one, so it's the one that I picked. Overall, I'm pretty convinced that domestic thriller is not a genre for me, because my first impulse is to just start picking apart the behavior of the characters who always seem to be either sociopaths or idiots. (The Girl on the Train, cough, cough, The Girl Before, cough cough).


I will say that the book is creepy af, and listening to it in the evening was definitely giving me the spine-tingles. Ware is doing a really good job building the suspense.


But who moves into a house with surveillance in every room without clarifying with the owners whether or not they will be spying on them during shower time?


I'm probably going to end up putting this one on Psych, although it might qualify for Country House Mystery as well, or I could use a transfiguration card and put it into Ghost Story, Murder Most Foul, or some other mystery square.