This game has been a creative exercise for me and OB since the beginning, when we first brainstormed the idea on twitter instant messaging in 2016! I have had a blast every year trying to come up with a few, or sometimes more than a few, new ideas for squares. These are some of my favorites:




These were new categories for the 2018 bingo game, and I still really like all three of them. There's a lot of room for creative interpretation to all of them.




I love books set in London, which just lends itself to supernatural and mystery fiction, and I have a huge weakness for anything gothic, especially old fashioned gothic romance. I always love whatever I pick for these squares. And I think that the Baker Street Irregulars square is just cute, the nod to Sherlock Holmes makes me smile, and I enjoy YA mystery a lot.



And, I know that this post is really just for past bingo squares, but I have to say that I am over the moon delighted with this new one for this year! It's my favorite of the new nine, although I am pretty excited about all of them!