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A Halloween Bingo Pre-Party

I'm going to do something new this year for the month of August - getting us geared up and excited for Halloween Bingo!


Thirty-one prompts for thirty-one posts!



Feel free to join me in discussing your favorite Halloween Bingo tropes, genres, books, authors and covers. I'll be posting a list of the prompts once a week, so you have some time to decide and draft. No need to post for every prompt - or even any prompt - but if you want to join in, that would be great!


Let's use the tag preparty2019 for this! The Halloween bingo tag this year will be halloweenbingo2019, so feel free to tag with that as well.


I haven't come up with all of the prompts yet, so if there is a question that you really want to ask, offer it below and maybe it will make its way into the list!