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Updated 2019 Halloween Bingo Updates and Scheduling and Links




For any prospective new players:


Halloween Bingo is the flagship reading game on BL - it's the first one that OB & I cohosted, all the way back in 2016, so this will be the fourth time that we've played! 


I am working on this years categories, which will be selected from the last three bingo games, along with - assuming that my creativity doesn't fail me - a few new ones! Some things don't change, though, and the seasonal focus on horror, mystery, supernatural, thrillers and suspense remains from year to year.


Autumn is the time that we break into our store of gothic tales, our books about witches and wizards and werewolves and zombies, ghost stories and haunted houses and dark, stormy nights. 


As we move into Halloween bingo season, if years past are any indication, you will see a lot of activity as this year's categories are revealed, the cards are created, reading lists begin to pop up again, and players start posting about their reading plans.


The planned schedule:


8/1/19: As I announced yesterday, I will be drawing the prize winners from last years game of bingo. You can find that post here.


In addition, there is an explanation of the rules changes and the new "transfiguration spell" here.


8/2/19 - 8/9/19: Reveal of the 2019 new card spaces:


1. Film at 11

2. King of Fear

3. Dystopian Hellscape

4. Truly Terrifying

5. Dark Academia

6. Psych

7. International Woman of Mystery

8. Paint It Black

9. Stranger Things

10. Stone Cold Horror


8/9/19: All 61 squares revealed on my blog, with links to booklists.


1-18 (new squares & horror squares) here.

19-38 (mystery & supernatural squares) here.

39-61 (multi-genre squares) here.


Thread on BL bingo group open for card requests!


8/10/19: The last day of Booklikes-opoly.



8/30/19: Early reading begins. All players can pre-start one book, which can be used to fill a square so long as it is not finished by 9/1/19.


9/1/19: First call and play officially commences


10/31/19: Last call and game ends


This is my favorite part of the reading year. Join us if you've not played before and I promise you will have fun! I can hardly wait!