A Fountain Filled With Blood - Julia Spencer-Fleming

I have read this before, but I had totally forgotten how intense the last 25% of the book is. I wasn't really feeling it at first, and was a little bit disappointed, because I remembered the series being stronger than what I was getting from about the first 30% of the book. 


The chemistry between Russ and Clare was great, of course, and we are introduced to Margy Van Alstyne, Russ's mother, who is a hoot, so that was fun. It didn't feel like Spencer-Flaming was handling the hate-crime motive for the murders very well, though - it seemed heavy handed and awkward - during the first part of the book.


But then, holy hell, it just took off, and next thing you know, I am just unable to tear my eyes away from my kindle. The ending was amazing and heart-dropping at the same time.


Anyway, I am going onto the third book, because I can't help myself. I need more Russ and Clare.