There are several Shakespeare fans here, and I have questions. I am woefully undereducated in Shakespeare's plays and would like to rectify that. My plan is to select a few plays and then get the audiobook narrations and a print version so that I can listen and read along.


So, question one:


Give me your best six plays for a newcomer. I studied Hamlet, MacBeth and Romeo and Juliet in HS, but that's not a barrier b/c it was 35 years ago. 


Question two:


Do you have a preference between the Arkangel audios or the Folger Shakespeare library audios? It looks there are Folger audios available for some of the plays, although not all of them. Both are full cast audio.


Question three:


Choosing between No Fear Shakespeare and Folger Shakespeare Library for my printed text - is one of them better than the other? Is there even another publisher that I should look at? 


Question four:


NF accompaniments. Hit me!