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We all have one of those private "I want to read that someday" lists in our heads, right? Some of us even write them down, but whether a reader writes down their list of books that have crossed their paths that they want to get to "someday" the list exists. At least, I think I'm probably not alone there.


This has been on that private list of mine for years. 


Back on September 1, 2012, I signed up for the Classics Club, which was a blog project to read 50 classics in 5 years. I finished that first round of the Classics Club in precisely 3 years, making a huge push to finish the project on August 31, 2015. (If you are interested in reading about that project, you can find it on my old blog, The Dead Author's Club, and the wrap-up post is here, the list of books read is here).


I then proceeded to take four years off - although not really. In that time, I've had many other reading projects, some of which I have abandoned, some of which I have stuck with (Detection Club, my Christie project). I decided a while ago that I'm not going to look back, so the abandoned projects will probably stay abandoned, unless they catch my fancy again.


But, my fancy has again taken me back to the Classics Club, version 2.0. Some of you may have noticed my new list, created over the last few days, but posted yesterday, which you can find here. This list is both ambitious and more modern than my last list, which was fairly heavy on the Victorians. There are some books on it that are long-standing goals of mine - Faulkner in particular. I still haven't ginned up enough confidence (or despair) to put Joyce on my list. I struggle with modernist lit.


This list is also considerably more diverse than my last list, which was exclusively dead white people. I did a pretty good job of dividing my attention between women and men, but looking back it, there was not a single book written by a person of color., which is both embarrassing and indefensible. I'm pleased to say that this list has several, including Beloved by Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison. I am intimidated but not overwhelmed by the list.


I've set the list at 50, although I am planning to add another 10 when I get some time to think about it, both because 60 is a nice number, and is the precise number of months in 5 years. The only real parameter that I have is to read and post about one book a month on average. I'm sure there will be months where I read two, or even three, and then there will be months when the idea of picking up something more challenging than YA fantasy will feel like too much.


Oh, and this is an update post, right?


So far I am really enjoying this book - Mick Kelly is a fantastic character, and I love Dr. Copeland. Once I get The Moonstone off my back, I'll be able to concentrate fully on it.