The Yellow Dog - Georges Simenon, Linda Asher

My copy of this book arrived yesterday. This is my first Maigret mystery, and is one of the new Penguin translations/reprints. Penguin classics is reissuing all 75 of Simenon's mysteries, at the pace of one per month. The first book, Pietr the Latvian, was released 11/7/2013. The project continues apace - you can read a bit more about the reissues here.


In terms of the quality of the book itself, it's a nice object. The covers of this series looked appealing on my computer, and are just as appealing in person. I assume that all of the books are the same size, and they will look really nice on my bookshelf.


I don't have much to say about the book itself right now because I'm really early in the mystery, and I usually reserve judgment on a long series until I've read a few and feel like I have a basis for drawing conclusions. Having said that, I'm really hopeful about this series, and will probably buy & read one or two of them a month until I tire of them.