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Vere Hodgson, Jenny Hartley

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The Floating Admiral - Helen Simpson, Agatha Christie, The Detection Club, Milward Kennedy, Margaret Cole, Henry Wade, Clemence Dane, John Rhode, Anthony Berkeley, Victor L. Whitechurch, Freeman Wills Crofts, Edgar Jepson, Ronald Knox, Dorothy L. Sayers, G.D.H. Cole, G.K. Chesterton

All right - I'm into the Berkeley chapter, titled: Clearing Up The Mess.



Color me skeptical that the mess will really be cleared up! I really wanted to finish last night, but I couldn't stay awake. I am 40 chapters from the "end," and then there are 44 pages of appendices where the various possible solutions are revealed to us.


I am massively enjoying this extraordinarily quirky little mystery and I hope that my sense that the authors are having a blast is accurate because it certainly feels that way to me. My copy has the tag line "The Most Unusual Mystery Ever Written," and I would say that, while hyperbolic, there's a fair argument to be made that it's accurate!