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Postern of Fate - Agatha Christie

"Well," said Mr. Robinson, "some get to the tops and some have the tops forced upon them. I would say the latter applies to me, more or less. I've had a few things of surpassing interested forced on me."


"That business connected with - Frankfurt, wasn't it?"


This must be a reference to Passenger from Frankfurt, but I've repressed the memory of that book, so I can't recall Mr. Robinson.



"You want to know something about Mary Jordan. Well, I'll tell you one thing that might, as I say, help your point of view. Mary Jordan was - well, you can call it a spy, but she wasn't a German spy. She wasn't an enemy spy. Listen to this my boy, I can't help calling you 'my boy'."


Mr. Robinson dropped his voice and leaned over his desk.


"She was one of our lot."

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