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One should not read all of Tommy and Tuppence in a row

By the Pricking of My Thumbs - Agatha Christie

I only have one more Tommy and Tuppence to read - Postern of Fate - and I have heard that it is on the shortlist of worst Christie books published. So, there's that.


Also, though, I've decided that it is best not to "binge read" T&T because, overall, they among her weakest books. The mysteries are just . . . not good. They're not horrible, they're just not good. 


I don't know what was going on with this book, but reading it felt like barely more than a novella. It isn't very long, it's true, but I read it in under an hour, which is rare for me. Even a reread of something like Peril at End House (which I read as a palate cleanser after reading T&T) takes me longer to read than this book. Which is odd, because while there is a lot happening (murder! mayhem! dead baby! robberies! crime ring! diamond thieves!) it's like trying to watch the landscape through a car window travelling at about 80 mph. I couldn't get a very good view of it as things flash by.


Bottom line for me is that I now understand better why these books didn't appeal to me. I still like Tuppence a whole lot, although her lack of an instinct for self-preservation stopped being charming when she hit her fifth decade. Now it's just dumb. Tommy is as dull a chap as has ever lived, his intellect having faded like his mop of red hair. T&T, at this point, would make a lovely couple to spend the weekend with, but their attempts at youthful rakishness are embarrassing to read.


I had initially rated this one 3 1/2 stars, but I'm downgrading the rating to 2 1/2 stars after further reflection. I don't think I will ever read it again.