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My second charitable project for the year: Project Night Night



Anyone who follows me knows that I am a quilter. When I was looking for a charity to donate to in honor the 24 Tasks, I googled "literacy nonprofits" and came up with several articles to source from that provided great information. Obviously, I've selected Room To Read for our game donation.


I also stumbled on Project Night Night, which is a charity that works specifically with children in homeless shelters. This integrates two of my primary areas of interest: reading and vulnerable children, and adds in something that takes advantage of one of my skills! So, my other project for this year is use up some of my extensive stash of fabrics to make quilts for kids and ship them to the organization, along with a wonderful new book to go with the quilt. My goal is 6 quilts, or one every two months, and I'm planning to ship in May and November.


Quilts for kids are relatively easy to make, because they are on the small side, and I have a lot of really wonderful fabrics that will make wonderful quilts for boys & girls that I need to use up because it is just collecting dust where it is. I am super excited about this project!