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Have His Carcase by Dorothy Sayers

Have His Carcase - Dorothy L. Sayers

I was reading the Wimsey mysteries in order, until I got to Five Red Herrings. Although I generally love books set in Scotland, there was something about that book that just ground my reading to a halt. After staring at it on my GR currently reading list for three weeks, I decided to just throw in the towel. I will likely go back and pick it up at some point, but it was time to move on.


So, I moved on to Have His Carcase, which is the second in the Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane subseries, and is a whole lot of fun. Harriet Vane, fresh off of her terrible experience of being wrongly convicted of murder and narrowly escaping the noose, decides to take a solitary, open air walking tour of the British coast.


And she finds a body. Of course she does.


This is an extremely convoluted mystery, which ends with a quite simple solution that I should've seen coming (but really didn't). Along the way we encounter many of the usual tropes and suspects. Is it a suicide, or is it really M-U-R-D-E-R (it's murder). Is the victim a dancing partner for gullible elderly women, or the missing heir to the Russian throne ripe for a restoration? What is up with the picture of the woman in his wallet? And did the mare with the thrown shoe have anything to do with any of it?


Harriet and Peter must find out.


Also, would someone please write this series:


A novelist couldn’t possibly marry all the people from whom she wanted specialised information. Harriet pleased herself over the coffee with sketching out the career of an American detective-novelist who contracted a fresh marriage for each new book. For a book about poisons, she would marry an analytical chemist; for a book about somebody’s will, a solicitor; for a book about strangling, a—a hangman, of course. There might be something in it. A spoof book, of course. And the villainess might do away with each husband by the method described in the book she was working on at the time. Too obvious? Well, perhaps.


Anyway, I will be skipping Hangman's Holiday, because it's short stories and I don't own it, and moving into Murder Must Advertise in 2019.


This one satisfies Chapter 9, Resorting to Murder on my Detection Club Bingo Card!