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And, more book haul

So, my book regrets got the better of me, and I went back to the UBS for the Rinehart books, and I am so glad I did! There were actually 4 of them, not 3, and they are original Dell paperbacks which have amazing covers.



My photography isn't the best - there was glare from my office overhead light, but you get the picture.


Descriptions from the back of the books:


The Bat: Like a bat he struck and vanished, pouncing noiselessly at night. Like a bat he never showed himself to the face of day. Like a bat he always flew alone ... He had to be stopped. Somehow. But how.


The Case of Jennie Brice: The Dark Waters of Doom. Lithe, fair haired Jennie Brice had played many roles in her acting career, but none frightened her as much as her role in reality -- wife to a cold, mysteriously withdrawn playwright whom she did not understand and from whom she dared not escape. 


With each passing day in the strange mansion to which they had come, her fears mounted. And her nightmare began...


Alibi for Isabel: Darkening Menace. Dreams of love become nightmarish terrors, innocent flirtations lead to dangerous intrigues and wedding bells herald a clarion of doom.


This Strange Adventure: Wedded To Terror: Young and beautiful Missie Colfax was willing to keep her bargain with Wesley Dexter when she married this worldly older man and came to live in his magnificent mansion. She would do anything to escape the poverty and want of her youth, even be the wife to a man she barely knew.


Missie could not suspect the twisted torment behind the icy arrogance of her bridegroom...nor realize until too late the horror that awaited her in the hands of a man bent on making her the victim of a strange and terrible vengeance. 


Don't those sound just so freaking fun? Plus, what you can't tell from the photos is that the page ends are dyed teal!