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Book wave ahead!

I've been clearing my bookshelves and took a huge bag of books into my local UBS today, planning to drop the ones that they don't want at the Friends of the Library for sale.


Of course, it just so happens that someone had recently been in and dropped off a whole bunch of old gothics - they hadn't even made it onto shelves yet. I was eyeing them as I dropped my bag on the counter, went and browsed and then came back with the two Patricia Wentworth mysteries that she had in stock.


I decided to just ask her what her plans were for the books that were stacked behind the counter, and mentioned that I collect old gothics. Aside from clearly thinking that I'm insane, she told me that I could have them at 3 for a buck, but that she wouldn't take them back.


So, I spent $4.00 and bought 12 books (14, with the two Wentworths), which is actually more than she bought back from me. I still have some to go to Friends of the Library. There were 3 Mary Robert Rineharts that I am sort of wishing I had grabbed while I was there.


So, I'm not sure that this didn't completely defeat the purpose of my attempt to declutter, although I will say that the books I left with are physically quite a bit smaller than the books I got rid of! I can't wait to show you all pictures of these covers, though. They are the absolute bomb!