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The Lost Book of the Grail, or the author wrote this with Moonlight Madness in mind

The Lost Book of the Grail - Charlie Lovett

Oh, how I loved this bookish book.


Some of you might remember me mentioning recently how much I loved Anthony Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire. I am also a huge fan of Arthurian legend. I love books about books and bibliophiles. And I love mysteries centered around historical objects, especially books. This book fulfilled every single one of these loves.


I doubt that it will be for everyone. It is rather slow moving, to be sure, and the main character, Arthur Prescott is so very, very stiff upper lip British male. But for me, it was the bookish equivalent of cat nip, namechecking characters from Trollope's beloved series, set in the Barchester cathedral that he created out of whole cloth, all about a mystery related to a lost medieval manuscript. I sunk into the book, emerging at the end, blinking and wondering where I was and how I got here.


I read this for Relics and Curiosities.