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First week of Halloween Bingo!

How is everyone doing? Having fun? Has everyone had at least one called square that is on your card?


I am travelling for the next couple of weeks - I'm in Tennessee right now with my daughter and her fiance, and tomorrow we (husband, son, self) take off for Nashville, then to Memphis, then we're popping over to Arkansas for bbq with a friend who left Oregon earlier this year, and then we drive through Oklahoma and New Mexico to Phoenix to visit my parents!


I am therefore reading only kindle books on the trip, since bringing along my library books didn't make sense in terms of packing for the flight out. My son & I had to pack light because we had a huge suitcase of what was left of Cait's clothes that didn't fit in the car when she and husband drove cross-country, and we had her cat.


Let me tell you, flying with a cat is . . . interesting. Poor kitty was stuck in a small carrier for several hours, and he was most unimpressed with the "pet relief" accommodations at the Denver airport, which were clearly designed for dogs.



Hope everyone is having more fun than my poor cat was in that picture!