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Truly Devious - Maureen Johnson

This book started strong, with the introduction of Stevie, the main character moving into her dorm room, unpacking her books:


Sherlock Holmes on top with Wilkie Collins. Then Agatha Christie spread over two shelves, leading into Josephine Tey and Dorothy L. Sayers. She worked her way down to the modern era and ended with her books on forensics and criminal psychology. She stood back and examined the overall effect, then tweaked until the arrangement was just right. Where her books were, she was.


It has slowed down and started to drag at this point, with Stevie settling in at Ellingham Academy and meeting the other students. The student bios are a bit too precious for words, unfortunately, with the obligatory zillion-subscriber youtuber, the 16 year old publishing phenom with writer's block, the fashion icon, the brilliant teen engineer who builds particle accelerators out of straws and chewing gum (o.k., I'm exaggerating for effect, but you get the point). I'm hoping something happens. Soon.


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