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Midnight Crossroads by Charlaine Harrie

Midnight Crossroad - Charlaine Harris

I picked this up at some random point because it was really cheap. I've actually read very little by Charlaine Harris, I avoided all of the Sookie Stackhouse excitement completely - never read the books, never saw the HBO adaptation. In retrospect, that might have been a mistake because I'm not sure that this would qualify as her best work.


Midnight, Texas is a small town where things are not quite what they seem, including most of the inhabitants. The basic story relates to Bobo, the pawn shop owner (and frankly, I could never get over that STUPID name), whose girlfriend, Aubrey, has disappeared without a trace. Aubrey is also not what she seems. There is the local witch, Fiji (why, Charlaine, why?), the local psychic, Manfred (OMG, these names. Kill me) and the local nubile high school graduate, Creek, (OK, that name is actually quite good). And a vampire, Lemuel (we're back to stupid names, again).


In honor of Lemuel, I'm slotting this one in the Deadlands category. Vampires are not a favorite of mine, so I figure I'd better fill that category now or it may not happen later.


Anyway, I actually liked the town, and I even liked most of the characters, their stupid names notwithstanding. The problem with this book is that it went nowhere. And on the road to nowhere, it traveled sloooooooow. The ending was out of the blue, and left me thinking what the actual fuck just happened?


I may be willing to give Midnight, Texas another go, but I'm thinking that I should probably dip my toe into one of her other series first. The Lily Bard series is the most appealing to me, starting with Shakespeare's Landlord, but I think I will check it out of the library in case it is also a miss for me.