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How to track your bingo!

We're less than two weeks away from starting Halloween bingo, so let's talk about how we are going to track our bingos!


First, a bit of a rule refresher! A square is captured when two things have occurred - one under the control of the reader, one under the control of the game hosts! The reader must have finished the book for the square, and the square must have been called.


There will be bingo calls every other day starting on 9/1/18. You will find the calls here, on my blog, and also on Obsidian Blue's blog, as we will alternate. She will make the first call on September 1st, I will make the second call on September 3rd and so we will proceed until the last call drops on Halloween.


You can read in any order. The square does not have to have been called for you to read! What this means is that you can just start reading on September 1, but you cannot mark off a square until the square is called and the book is finished.


The way that I handled tracking last year was to use different markers for different stages. I had one marker for called but not read, one marker for read but not called and one marker for claimed.





The yellow moons would represent called but not read, the orange pumpkin represents read but not called and the back cats are claimed squares. 


I did a tracking post last year that I would just update every few days to reflect the calls and my list of completed books, which I will reblog for reference!


Other readers have different systems! If you've done a post that talks about your personal system for tracking, feel free to link to it in the comments!