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Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

Equal Rites  - Terry Pratchett

So, this was my first foray into Discworld - and I've been given the impression that it's an early Discworld and shouldn't serve as my final impression of the series. This led me to believe that it probably wasn't very good, or at least not very good relative to the series as a whole.


I liked the set up a lot, though I do feel like Pratchett left a lot of possibilities on the table with respect to Eskarina being accidentally made to be the first female wizard. I really liked Granny Weatherwax, although I'm getting the impression that she isn't a granny at all, which I find sort of confusing. I picture her as being quite an attractive, spry youngish witch. Could be wrong about that, but she seemed to capture a great deal of male attention and complained about her lack of crone-ishness. 


I really just decided to sort of let the book flow over me, enveloping me in a sense of Discworldishness, since Pratchett's writing style is decidedly unique and, for me at least, needs to be approached with a sense of open-mindedness and adventure. 


So, I liked it and I'm excited to read more.