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Open Road Book Haul!

I snapped up a few of the $1.99 books yesterday, including two by authors I've been wanting to try for a while.


Nothing Venture - Patricia WentworthA courageous heroine risks her life to save the man she loves 
Jervis Weare is in a predicament. According to Ambrose Weare’s will, his grandson must marry within three months or the vast estate goes to his great-niece: Jervis’s fiancée Rosamund Carew. But the deceiving society beauty has just dumped Jervis, which leaves him scrambling to find another bride.
Nan Forsyth has secretly loved Jervis for ten years. He has no inkling that Nan once saved his life and is now about to come to his rescue again. She knows that with her working-class background and the emotionally fragile sister she’s raising on her own, she’s hardly the proper wife for Jervis. Yet marry him she does; though to Jervis, it’s strictly a business arrangement. They’re barely wed before the past comes back to haunt them—a past Jervis can’t remember, but someone else does. Now Nan must save Jervis one last time before a murderous plot a decade in the making comes full circle.
Nothing Venture is a classic British mystery from the acclaimed author of the Miss Silver Mysteries.


Deep Creek - Dana HandIdaho Territory, June 1887. A small-town judge takes his young daughter fishing, and she catches a man. Another body surfaces, then another. The final toll: over 30 Chinese gold miners brutally murdered. Their San Francisco employer hires Idaho lawman Joe Vincent to solve the case.

Soon he journeys up the wild Snake River with Lee Loi, an ambitious young company investigator, and Grace Sundown, a métis mountain guide with too many secrets. As they track the killers across the Pacific Northwest, through haunted canyons and city streets, each must put aside lies and old grievances to survive a quest that will change them forever.

Deep Creek is a historical thriller inspired by actual events and people: the 1887 massacre of Chinese miners in remote and beautiful Hells Canyon, the middle-aged judge who went after their slayers, and the sham race-murder trial that followed. This American tragedy was long suppressed and the victims nearly forgotten; Deep Creek teams history and imagination to illuminate how and why, in a seamless, fast-moving tale of courage and redemption, loss and love. A dazzling new novel for fans of Leif Enger, Lisa See, and Ivan Doig.


Buried For Pleasure - Edmund CrispinIt's a naughty world, a tiresome world, a world notably lacking in witty epigrams. In short, it's a world that is crying out for Gervase Fen, and so he has declared himself a candidate for Parliament, ready to serve the good people of]]where was it again? Fen's political ambitions, though, get just a little sidetracked by the murdered policeman who crops up on the campaign trail, not to mention the escaped (and naked) lunatic who's convinced he's Woodrow Wilson. And then there's the peculiar clergyman and the love-struck pig]]






Murder at Fenway Park - Troy SoosA Red Sox rookie is accused of murder in the first Mickey Rawlings historical mystery “that will leave readers eager for subsequent innings” (Publishers Weekly).
Boston, 1912. Fenway has just opened, Ty Cobb is a nationwide sensation, and rookie Mickey Rawlings has finally made it to the majors. But just when he sets foot inside the confines of the green monster, his all-star dreams come crashing down—Rawlings is fingered for the monstrous murder of his teammate Red Corriden.
Sure, someone decided to use Red for batting practice. But just because Rawlings has fouled off a lot of balls in his time doesn’t mean the cops have to be as blind as a rookie ump when it comes to his innocence. With no one watching his back, Rawlings has no choice but to switch his baseball cap for a sleuthing hat to clear his name. Otherwise, it’s going to be a short season in the majors and a long one behind bars . . .


Fog of Doubt - Christianna Brand

Few were disappointed when Raoul Vernet was found with his head bashed in, dead in a pool of his own blood. On vacation in England, the Belgian seducer comes to visit Matilda, an old flame from a few years before. She agrees despite suspicions that Vernet has been deploying his legendary charm on another member of the family: young Rosie, who has returned from her Swiss boarding school carrying a child.


None of the family members were in the house when Raoul was killed, but all were within a fog-choked London mile. Rosie calls in the brilliant Inspector Cockrill to clear the family's name, but what he finds is a twisted clan of seven people, each as likely to laugh at a murder as commit one.


Wolf Winter - Clare FrancisWhen two Norwegians are murdered in cold blood after mistakenly wandering into Soviet wilderness, their family and friends navigate the bitter winter as they try to unveil the mystery behind their deaths.

Halvard Starheim, a savvy and seasoned explorer, delays his Mount Everest expedition to search for his fellow explorer and close friend, Jan. Ragna Johansen, Jan’s beautiful widow; and Norwegian journalist Rolf Berg—who is hiding a secret about his role in this deadly international conspiracy—join Starheim on the dangerous mission.

Interweaving the stories of these three key players, author Clare Francis sets the stage for a final showdown in the freezing Arctic winter, when they will finally discover the truth behind the murders.