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The Alice Network - Kate Quinn

This book barely fits into my Summer of Spies project, but having devoured more than ten espionage books in about 6 weeks, I'm ready to move on anyway. The Alice Network is really more of a piece of historical fiction than it is spy fic.


I used to read a lot of historical fiction of just this type, and I'm not sure how I got away from it. Every time I pick up a book of this sort, I thoroughly enjoy it.


I am enjoying this one - the split timelines between Charlie (1947) and Eve (1915) are intriguing, and WWI is one of my favorite historical time periods in any event. I have a virtual stack of hist fic that I think I will have to dip into! That may be my focus for the next six weeks, until it is time to pull out the horror, the suspense, the supernatural and the homicidal for this years game of Halloween Bingo!