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Red Sparrow - Jason  Matthews

I am pretty sure that my dad bought this book on our shared account, because it's been there since June 5, 2015. After the movie was released, I checked on amazon for the book, and saw I already owned it. This happens to me with ridiculous frequency, since my parents buy books constantly, so I can't really keep up.


At 20%, the meeting of the two main characters, Dominika and Nate, still hasn't happened. She just finished "Sparrow School," which is really "watch a lot of porn and completely dissociate sex with intimacy for Russia" school. And Nate just completely screwed up his first assignment, so he was sent to Finland. I'm sure that the "collision" will occur soon.


The format is a bit weird - the author includes recipes after each chapter, which feels very dissonant, as I associate this practice with books that are heavy on charm and light on substance. It's sort of odd to read an entire chapter about forced sex school, followed by a noodle recipe.


That aside, it's pretty interesting.