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Reading (And Watching) The HBU


The new season of Bosch just dropped on Amazon - ten awesome episodes of Titus Welliver as the taciturn LAPD murder detective Hieronymus Bosch. I have watched each season as it was released, and have been considering a series rewatch. My husband and I started the new season on Friday, and watched two episodes over pizza and beer.


I really don't remember when I started reading the Bosch series - decades ago, certainly. I also don't remember if I started with The Black Echo, the first entry in the original Bosch series. Since that time, Michael Connelly has reworked his arcs and there is now an ordering of what someone (the publisher? Connelly himself?) is calling the Harry Bosch Universe.


So, I decided that a reread - in order - is called for here, so I'm adding the HBU to my list of ongoing reading projects. I already own most of the books, so this should be a cheap, and easy, reread. I've read all the way up to Nine Dragons in the Bosch track of the series (it's book 14 out of 21), at which point, I bogged down badly and didn't finish. The HBU as a whole is comprised of 31 books:



I own all of the books except The Lincoln Lawyer, Suicide Run (short stories), Blue on Black (short stories), The Scarecrow, Switchblade (short story), and then the last four: The Wrong Side of Goodbye, The Late Show, Two Kinds of Truth and Dark Sacred Night.


I started The Black Echo last night, which introduces Harry Bosch, as well as many of the ongoing characters. This story was used, with significant modifications, in Season 3 of the amazon series.