The Secret Adversary - Agatha Christie

So, first of all, the edition that is attached to this post is not the edition I am reading. Mine was a freebie that I picked up on amazon, which is published by some unknown random ebook publisher. The oddest thing about it is that it bills itself as "illustrated," but the illustrations have NO RELATIONSHIP WHATSOEVER to the text. One of them is a picture of a snowy river. There is no snowy river in this book. It's freaking bizarre. Moving on, though - this is basically The Seven Dials Mystery, with the Bill Eversleigh character represented by Tommy and Bundle Brent represented by Tuppence, right down to Tommy hiding out while the members of the international crime syndicate, who are only identified by numbers (instead of times), meet in secret. It is an entertaining romp, but it is thin indeed on substance and plot.