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The Golden Age of Murder - Martin Edwards

I've finished Part I, and am enthralled so far. I can't believe that I waited this long to pick this one up - it is an incredibly engaging look at the original Detection Club, and the writers who were there at the founding. So far, we've had deep dives into Dorothy Sayers private sadness, Christie's dramatic disappearance, a married couple who jointly write mysteries, and my first real glimpse of Anthony Berkeley Cox.


I decided that this will be my read for the free square of my Detection Club bingo card, which is represented by Eric the Skull - the mascot for the original version. It couldn't be more perfect!


I have not read The Poisoned Chocolate case, but it has rocketed to the top of my TBR at this point - I just ordered a used copy, which should arrive in early April. 



As someone else previously mentioned (Themis, Tigus or MBD, if my memory serves me correctly), this is the perfect companion to The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books. I may go back and take another lap through that one, once I finish this book (although, honestly, I refer to it with such frequency that it's basically always open on my computer).