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Round 2 Results: Yellow Game

Round 2 Results:

BrokenTune: Lydia Bennet (victim) - Yes. 20 points awarded.
Isanythingopen: near a tor, Dartmoor (crime scene) - No. 5 points awarded.
Darth Pony: J.R.R. Tolkien (suspect) - No. 5 points awarded.
Emerjas: Jane Austen (suspect) - No. 5 points awarded. 
Hooked On Books: mauled by a demon hound (cause of death) - No. 5 points awarded
Witty Little Knitter: pass



Suspect: unknown

Crime 1:

Cause of death:
Crime Scene:

Crime 2:

Victim: Ariadne Oliver
Cause of death:
Crime Scene:

Crime 3:

Victim: Lydia Bennet
Cause of death:
Crime Scene: