A couple of clarifications that I want to make sure that everyone is aware of!


1. If there are multiple victims/crime scenes/causes of death, you do not need to specify which one you are thinking of when you play a card. So, if there are three victims, and you play Dr. John Watson, that play counts for all three open victims, and you are not required to specify position (first, second or third).


2. If you are reading to obtain a card that has already been successfully identified by someone else, you do not need to use a "round" to play the card. E.g.:Themis-Athena read a book to claim the points for Gryffindor Common Room, which had been successfully identified by Nighttime Reading Center. She does not need to use her Round 2 play to do this. Simply finish up the book at your convenience and claim the points. Players are responsible for keeping track of this themselves and we're operating on the honor system because, after all, this is a game!