Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - Michael Wolff

As a lawyer and a woman, the thin undercurrent of contempt that this president possesses for smart women has been fairly obvious, and continues to be a thread that can be followed through the book. Trump has a problem with women that he does not want to fuck.


As the book explains it, specifically in relation to Trump’s Sally Yates problem, there was


“... a certain kind of woman who would immediately rub Trump the wrong way—Obama women being a good tip-off, Hillary women another. Later this would be extended to “DOJ women.”


Donald Trump cannot conceive of women who aren’t purely decorative. He is never surrounded by substantive women - he has a limited understanding of two kinds of women: wives and socialites.


“The effort among a new generation of wealthy women was to recast life as a socialite, turning a certain model of whimsy and noblesse oblige into a new status as a power woman, a kind of postfeminist socialite. In this, you worked at knowing other rich people, the best rich people, and of being an integral and valuable part of a network of the rich, and of having your name itself evoke, well … riches. You weren’t satisfied with what you had, you wanted more. This required quite a level of indefatigability. You were marketing a product—yourself. You were your own start-up.”


I have a few things to say. The first one is "ugh." As the second, I would point to that terribly tone deaf book "written" by Ivanka Trump called something silly like "Women Who Work - How To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too As Long As Your Daddy Is Super Rich And You Can Hire People To Actually Do The Work." Also, Louise "Marie Antoinette" Linton and this picture:


Image result for louise linton money


The last thing I will say is this: let it never be said that women can't be just as pathetically shallow as men.


But when it comes to a woman like Sally Yates, a DOJ woman, a prosecutor, a woman who is, although extremely interesting and attractive, completely unfuckable as far as DJT is concerned, and a woman who could outwit him using a paltry 10% of her intelligence, he simply does not know how to handle her. So he hates her:


“To Trump, he was just up against Sally Yates, who was, he steamed, “such a cunt . . .


“Yates is only famous because of me,” the president complained bitterly. “Otherwise, who is she? Nobody.”


She was the Acting Attorney General of the United States. She was and is a fine prosecutor, a woman of integrity, brilliant, interesting and confident. No wonder he was baffled by her. He'd never met anyone quite like her.


I’ve come to the conclusion that if there is anything that will save us from Trump, it’s women like Sally Yates. Which will bring me to my final post on this shit show of an administration.