My daughter and I were looking for something to watch yesterday - we've been listening to Dead Man's Folly, and haven't finished it, so that particular episode of Poirot was out and we've seen the rest of them (more than once), but we wanted something Agatha. Neither of us had seen this one (in fact, she didn't even know that there was a new adaptation), so we decided on this one.


This adaptation is three hours - two episodes of approximately an hour and a half each. It's incredibly well-cast, and Charles Dance as Justice Wargrave is amazing. Aidan Turner as Philip Lombard is compelling - dark and disturbingly attractive. It's a who's-who of accomplished British film & stage actors.


I think that this may well be the best Christie adaptation I've ever seen. And Then There Were None is flat out terrifying at times, and the tension of the film is palpable. The terror and suspicion of all of the guests is convincing, even knowing the end of the whodunnit (and, as always, the clues are there, if one but has eyes with which to see). The backstories of the guests were woven into the series in a way that was both natural and simultaneously chilling.


I'm not a fan of watching before reading, but I wish that I could've replicated the shock that an unsuspecting viewer would have at the moment of the reveal.


So well done.