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Domino - Phyllis A. Whitney

Obviously, I decided to go with Domino for my next "vintage ladies" read. I was feeling more Colorado than Arizona, although I'm sure I will read The Turquoise Mask at some point quite soon.


Whitney seems to love sinister flashbacks from repressed childhood events. Laurie, our heroine, experiences debilitating panic attacks under certain circumstances. Her psychiatrist husband is dead after having exploited her condition for his own gain. Sounds like an ass, to tell the truth.


She's now met a dashing actor, Hillary Lange (this is a man, in spite of the name) and he's become her lover. I do admire Whitney's open acknowledgment that Laurie is a sexual being, even if she does seem a bit drippy at this point. 


The summons back to her childhood has come from her grandmother. This is another feature of the Whitney gothic - along with the sinister flashbacks, Whitney likes to take her heroines back to the place that it all began, so that they can confront the demons.


Contrived. But entertaining.