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Playing the game: the tracking/update post

Moonlight Reader's Bingo Updates



As I've previously mentioned, reviews are not necessary for this game (although please, feel free to review if you want to, either with full reviews, mini-reviews, bulk reviews, or whatever sort of review works best for you). I plan to keep track of my bingo results in the same way that I kept a consistent tracking post for Booklikes-opoly. My general scheme is to maintain one post and republish it every time I either finish a book or can complete a square. I'll post the most current image of my bingo card at the top of the post so my progress is easily viewed. 


Even though reviews aren't necessary, I think it would be helpful for everyone to add a sentence identifying how the book fits the square, unless it is super-obvious. 


Squares Filled:


Square: Title, author.  How the book fits the square. Dates finished & date called.




Books Finished, waiting for the call:


Square: Title, author. How the book fits the square. Date finished.


I don't plan to list the calls at this point, although if it turns out that I need that information to keep track, I'll add a subheading. The calls will all be listed by date in the discussion group, in the thread "Halloween Bingo 2017: The Calls."