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Grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth

Grey Mask - Patricia Wentworth

I was so busy creating bingo cards that I haven't really had a chance to put my thoughts in order on this buddy read. 


I finished this one last night, blasting through the last 25% or so of the mystery. The "criminal mastermind" trope, honestly, isn't one of my favorites, but even knowing that, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. And while I generally acknowledge Agatha Christie to be the Queen of Everything, Patricia Wentworth did the criminal mastermind better than Christie in The Big Four.


These golden age mysteries are just such a pleasure for me to read that I often forgive them for quirks that would really bother me in a modern mystery. Margot, aka Greta, would've made me pull my hair out by the roots in a new release. Yes, she was TSTL. Yes, she was so ridiculously naive that no one could possibly be that dumb. And the idea that she would marry Archie, who is very nearly as stupid as she is, would be terrifying if it weren't so improbable.


I do think that the relationship issues between Charles and Margaret were solved rather too neatly. In addition, Margaret was written as a character of brains and integrity, so some of her decisions seemed decidedly unlikely. I'm curious to see the development of Miss Silver in later releases, and I enjoyed Patricia Wentworth's tidy prose. She has a lot of books available including a lot of non-Miss Silver books that have been re-issued. 


Tigus posted a list of favorite Miss Silver novels, so I'm pretty psyched to check those out! It looks like this isn't really a series that needs to be read in order?