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Wait for What Will Come

Wait for What Will Come - Barbara Michaels

This is my third Barbara Michaels - I participated in the Ammie Come Home buddy read last year for Halloween bingo, which was so much fun, and I read Be Buried in the Rain, which has a terrifying southern gothic vibe going on, as it is set in Virginia.


Wait for What Will Come was set in Cornwall, which is well-trod ground for the gothic romance indeed. And while I will say that this book was FAR SUPERIOR to Cousin Kate insofar as its gothic bonafides are concerned, it was rather humdrum in comparison to Ammie and Rain.


However, I picked the book, and I knew about the Cornwall setting, so I can't really complain that I got fog and cliffs and smugglers and coves and legends related to the sea. And parts of this book were really quite chilling, even though in my jaded old age none of the old gothics are nearly so scary as they used to be!



But that doesn't mean that I don't love them.


This one also had a fabulous orange tabby tom named King Carter who is instrumental in saving the heroine from certain doooooom.


Related image


Like this guy.


Quite enjoyable. I think that Michaels is one of the best at plotting stories that are genuinely scary.